Frequently Asked Questions:

You can be sure that when you are buying from us you are getting the highest quality cement piece. If the product is not what you expected, we would be happy to replace or refund you. Our quality guarantee. If you feel that it is not what you expected, please let us know. We grow and learn because of customers like you constantly making us and our products better. We appreciate local handmade high quality products that better the world and that's exactly what we sell.


1. What are your items made out of? 

-All of our products are cement or have a cement part to them. It is not pottery, not ceramics... but a very fine artisan white cement!



2. When will I get my product?

-Most products ship within 3-5 business days. If your order has a lot of products, or there are outside factors preventing us from shipping within that time, we will be sure to keep you up to date! Everything is handmade so it may take longer to create certain items.

-Shipping services are also not perfect. If you feel that your item has not come within the time it should, it could have been lost in the mail! Be sure to let us know so we can figure out the issue for you.


3. What if my purchase arrives broken?

-We hope this never happens... but things do not always go as planned. Especially with cement. if your product arrives broken, email us a picture and we will either send a replacement or refund you. 


4. Can I make a custom order? 

-Most of the time we do not do custom orders, but we have put together different custom jewelry orders upon request. We are happy to see if we can try to accommodate your request. Even though we do not guarantee custom orders, it never hurts to ask us!


5. Where do I get your products?

-We sell our items in multiple stores throughout the Indianapolis area (Penn & Beech, Mercantile 37, Urban Contessa, Reveal by Polish to name a few) and also via our website www.creamandconcrete.com. Our most FAVORITE way to share our products is via local art shows and markets. That is where you will find our largest and best selections (that you may not see online). Be sure to follow us on Instagram for any upcoming in-person markets. 


6. How do I buy your products?

- Our website will take you through the check-out process and you will be able to check out via card or PayPal. We do not do payment plans at this time. If you have a custom order or wholesale request, we send invoices via email that will allow you to check out online as well. 


7. What if the item is not what I expected?

-No problem! Sometimes colors or products look different and you changed your mind. All we ask is that you return the product, and we can either reimburse you, or credit you towards a different item. 


8. When will something be available? or Is it available?

-With all of our products being handmade, some items will be out of stock or discontinued. The best way to know if something is available is to email us directly at creamandconcrete@gmail.com. We may be phasing out of a product or only restocking items that people are asking about. 


9. Are your items handmade?

-Every cement piece we make is hand-poured, sits for 24 hours, sanded, put through a 3-part sealing system, given anti-scratch bumpers on the bottom... so yes, we put the handmade time and care into our products so that they are perfect when they reach you. 


10. How should I care for my cement products?

- Keep your items from retaining excess water & avoid contact with any chemicals or dyes

- Clean items with a rag and gentle soap if needed, and dry

- Avoid scratching the surface


11. How should I care for my jewelry products?

- Keep your items as dry as possible & avoid any chemicals or perfumes

- Clean items with a jewelry polishing cloth or diluted mixture of baking soda and lemon juice

- Store your items neatly in a cool dry place


12. How should I care for my Cream & Concrete candles?

- The first burn is the most important. Let wax melt to the outside of the vessel before extinguishing – this prevents “tunneling”

- Place Candle on a flat, level surface away from anything that could knock it over

- Do not leave candle unattended

- Once candle is burned, It can be cleaned out and become a planter


DID YOU KNOW we partner with Filter of Hope and donate a portion of our proceeds to help get clean water to people all over the world!
We pride ourselves in creating the perfect gift so you do not have to search all over for something unique, handmade, and that benefits others.