Fire pit
Fire pit
Fire pit
Fire pit
Fire pit
Fire pit

Fire pit

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Our coziest product yet!

These personal concrete fire pits are sturdy and beautiful!

Simply pour isopropyl alcohol in the middle, light, and enjoy a lovely warm ambiance of dancing flames. The alcohol gives off a clean burn which makes this fire pit perfect for indoor or outdoor personal s'more making. Enjoy this product during any time of the year and upgrade your friend and family hang outs! 


*Comes with hot pad, safety instructions, snuffer lid, and one refill of fuel (around 1 hour of burn time)

Color: Charcoal grey (Color varies due to the nature of concrete)



-Set on a flat stable surface

- Place concrete fire pit on provided hot pad

- Fill 1 inch from the top with Isopropyl alcohol (70% or 91 %)

- Wipe up any spills

- Light fire and enjoy! 

-Do not add alcohol when fire is already burning

- Do not attempt to blow it out, instead snuff it out with provided lid

-Before refilling, be sure flame is completely out

- After two consecutive burns we advise letting vessel cool down for 30 minutes

- Burn in a space larger than 400 sq. ft. 

-Clean your concrete base occasionally to prevent soot build up inside the vessel. Do this by washing it in the sink with soap and water. Use a paper towel to wipe out the inside. Soot only happens where the flame is in contact with the concrete. If you see soot anywhere other than the concrete, stop and find a more ventilated area. 



  • Burn within sight. Keep away from flammable objects. Keep away from children and pets.
  • Being a liquid, isopropyl alcohol will spread (while lit) over a surface if spilled. Unlike a gelled alcohol though, isopropyl alcohol actually burns off quite quickly. First, we recommend you don't panic. Second, use a fire extinguisher to put it out. We do of course require flammable objects be kept away from the unit.
  • Do not move fire pit while burning